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Neema (4)

Hi, my name is Neema Lema. I am 17 years old and I am a Tanzanian. I am from the Chagga tribe – the people of Kilimanjaro region. I am a serious person, I hate bad jokes but I like talking about school subjects and things that are going on in our country. My favourite subjects are maths and science and I usually perform well. I like dancing to any music and swimming. My favourite foods are rice and beans and my favourite animal is an elephant. If I could have any pet I would choose a parrot because I like the way they can talk. I don’t like to ignore people and I don’t like to be ignored. My friends say I am the best preacher in the school because they enjoy it and I’m not afraid of anyone. When I grow up I want to build an orphanage for street children and orphans. I also want to be in the CID/FBI, so I can know more about what’s happening in the country, to save lives and give people their rights. I am proud of the good leaders we have in Tanzania, only God is making them help us.


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<<Meet the others