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Mkude (5)

Hello my name is Mkude Castro, I am 15 years old. I’m in class seven. I’m with the Children of Destiny family here in Tanzania. My hobbies are swimming and playing football. My favourite colour is orange, and my favourite subject is maths. My friends really like to describe me as ‘the funniest person’ and they view me as a leader. I really love my God and always talk to Him, and He hears me. I also like going to church and listening to God’s word so that I can be strong in faith. The name of my church is Christ Embassy. I also like encouraging people who have lost hope and who dislike themselves. I love my Mum, Margaret and always pray for her. My ambition in the future is to become an engineer because I really like maths, and being good at maths will help me achieve my own idea that can surprise the whole world.

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<<Meet the others