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Hello my name is Dismas. I live in Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania and I’m 14 years old. I like to be young but I feel like time is going fast, and soon I will be big. Many school friends say I’m a good leader, I help my classmates with their problems when they fight and I help them to be in peace. I think about big things that will help this country when I grow up. For example I have an idea about machines that will make work in my country easier, like a machine that builds roads faster. When I grow up I want to be the President of Tanzania to ensure every citizen has his or her own rights. I will help children in orphanage centres, and children here in Tanzania will have free education. Right now I’m working very hard in geography and mathematics so I can be a good president. I really like competing in swimming. My friends say I am one of the best swimmers at Children of Destiny. I enjoy playing games on the computer too. I can be serious when I am learning or writing, or listening to the teacher. At break times I will be funny, I enjoy making people laugh when they are sad. My favourite country is U.S.A and when I visit there I want to see how the people are making their houses and roads, and how they behave.



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<<Meet the others