This is our kitchen, here we cook foods like rice, ugali, bananas and beans. We help with the cooking, Nancy and Amina are our best cooks.

We are very happy to have this big area to plant vegetables like cabbages, eggplants, carrots and spinach. Everybody is benefiting from this and we even have a good supply of water and tools like hoes. The big boys are helping with making the garden better and the girls help if they want to.


These are our ducks. We are eating the eggs, but for now we are wanting to grow the community of ducks. The ducks eggs are so good because they are big.


We have girls and boys rooms, and they are divided for older and younger children. We each have our own bunk bed.


This is our living room; we are eating here, having meetings, dance practices and our church services are here. You can also see our picture wall.


Today we are eating in our small living room. We study here and have small group meetings.


This is our chicken project. We have been selling the eggs. We want this project to be sustainable because the money helps us with so many things.


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